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It's almost Memorial Day weekend and if you have been busy with end of the school year activities like everyone else, you probably haven't taken time to find out what is on the local calendar, so we thought we'd lend a hand. Charlotte has access to so many great amenities, from our area Lakes (3 to be exact!!), and local sports teams, to Carrowinds, the White Water Center, and tons of local food and drink destinations, there is plenty of activity to go around, and something sure to fit any budget or social calendar. Here are 10 things we recommend checking out over Memorial Day Weekend in Charlotte:   Image: USNWC  

The Sixth Annual Memorial Day Celebration
When: May 28, 2017 beginning at 9am
Where: The US National Whitewater Center
Check out

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Low inventory seems to be the norm in the Charlotte real estate scene these days. We are into year two of historically low inventory levels, and we're starting to see the fall out from that, as April 2017 marked the first time in almost a year (Since July 2016) that we have not seen an increase in home sales, year over year, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. There is still much to be pleased with, as home values continue to climb, and pending transactions and closings remain steady. Another great sign for the market? Builder confidence is up, which means that folks are out creating inventory where there was none to fit their needs, by purchasing new construction homes across the Charlotte Metro area. Inventory levels can shape the landscape of

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Buying a house is complicated enough. The mortgage process only makes things harder.

We help dozens of clients navigate the complexities of buying a home in Charlotte on an annual basis; mortgages are usually the most treacherous part. The mortgage process is most likely to hold up - and even sink - an eventual sale.

Are you buying your first home in Charlotte? Or maybe you're back on the market again? Here's a quick primer on the steps behind getting a mortgage in Charlotte, from pre-approval to closing fees.

Choosing a Lender

Let's start with some facts: Charlotte's real estate market is white-hot which means you've got more competition from other homebuyers than you've had in years. For that reason, most sellers prefer to see a

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Are you researching high schools in Charlotte?

Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are some of the best in the state, but like any huge school district, the quality varies from school-to-school. There are dozens of variables that factor into how "good" a school is at the end of the day, and of course, that superlative is totally subjective. Please note that Hendrix Properties is making no claims about what we think is best or most - we just want to pass all the relevant information along to you that our clients have found helpful in the past.

What makes a high school "good?" Attributes like class size, facilities, faculty experience, and AP classes offered are all part of the puzzle, but they're just a part. These are the six "best high schools in

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Even the best-meaning sellers can drive their Realtors crazy. Not only are these bad habits annoying, they can actually sabotage the sale! If you want to be a good seller – and we know you do! – here are seven things you need to stop doing when your house is for sale.

1. Insisting on a Listing Price

We know you’ve seen your neighbors houses sell and you’ve put thousands of dollars into your own place over the years. But your Realtor is the expert, so when they give you a market analysis of your area and tell you what your home is worth, listen to them. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be a conversation regarding the ultimate listing price, but try not to be rigid about what you “know your house is worth!”

2. Taking Things Personally


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About 10% of all homes sold in the U.S. are new construction.

We've all seen them: The big roadside billboards touting "From the high 300s!" and "Move in for only $1,500!" with balloons and a banner telling you the model is open. Here in the Charlotte market, they're on the rise. Builders are racing to keep up with the demand for new, tricked-out homes all over our area, from Ballantyne to Davidson and beyond. 

New construction has a lot of advantages. It's more predictable, has longer warranties, and doesn't come with some of the logistical hurdles of owner-to-owner home sales. But all too often, clients come to us scrambling to find an agent to represent their best interests when they're way too far down the rabbit hole already.

So, do you

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If you're a seller, you have to be pretty pleased with the way the market is shaping up. March saw an 11% increase in closings, year over year, and over a 50% increase in closings compared to February 2017. According to a report from the Charlotte Business Journal, Charlotte Regional Realtor Association (CRRA) President, Roger Parham, says the spring selling season is off to a great start, with homes selling almost as soon as they are listed. So what does that mean for buyers? Inventory is still very low, down 20% compared to this time last year. That means more buyers are facing multiple offer situations as demand continues to far outpace the supply. 

Here is a look at how our local market is performing, in comparison to the same time last year. 

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Did you know there are over 10,000,000 swimming pools in the U.S.?

Pools are one of the most requested luxury items by homebuyers, and here in Charlotte, pools are hot. Of course, many of the area’s planned neighborhoods offer community pools to residents, and plenty of the city’s apartment, condo, and townhome complexes have pools.

Pools can be a wonderful thing! They’re great fun for kids and have a tendency to bring neighbors together. But before you jump to make an offer on a house with a pool in Charlotte (or anywhere!), there are a few things you should consider.

The Cost of a Home Pool

Home pools can be a liability. That’s not to say they’re not worth it, but they can be expensive in more ways than one. For example, most insurance

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Selling a home for the first time?

Yeah, it can feel overwhelming. Whether you need to sell fast so you can move to a new school district or just want the best return possible on your biggest investment ever, we understand how complicated selling your home can be. There are a lot of factors to consider: time, effort, money...the list goes on.

At Hendrix Properties, we work with first-time sellers quite often. It's totally understandable that this kind of client needs additional hand-holding and guidance. If you're a first-timer, here are four things we want you to know.

Tip #1: Hire a Real Estate agent. A good one.

First-time sellers are more likely than repeat sellers to try to sell their home without the help of an agent. What do repeat

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2017 looks to be taking a new approach to housing this year. Year-over-year new listings were up 14.8% for February, however inventory levels are still low, down 21.4% compared to the same time last year, when we began to notice these historically low levels. "2017 is off to a good start with the momentum we experienced at year-end continuing into January, with sales up 15% and buyer demand up 21%," the association's president, Roger Parham, said, according to a story in the Charlotte Business Journal this morning. He also noted that buyers might continue to experience some of the similar pains as last year, as we continue to see low levels of homes on the market, however, many experts say that builder confidence is up, so we may see an uptick in new

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