10 Signs You've Found The Right Buyer's Agent

10 signs you've found the best buyer's agent

10 signs you may have found the right buyer’s agent 

If you’ve been considering buying a home and have already spoken with one or more real estate agents but have not yet committed to one yet, how do you know if you’ve found the right one? Here are 10 signs or indications that you may have already found the right real estate agent to serve you.

  1. They spend more time listening to you than talking about themselves (this process is about you, not them).
  2. They ask you open-ended questions about your needs, desires, and motivations (indicating that they want to dig deeper to discover more about you).
  3. They come off as genuinely interested and eager to help you rather than sales-like.
  4. They have good customer reviews from past clients (look for reviews that appear genuine rather than quick 1-2 liners).
  5. They have been in the business for a while (sometimes newer agents can work harder than more experienced ones, though).
  6. They don’t just work in one particular area but have an understanding of the entire region (this helps with understanding trends and growth patterns in the region).
  7. They ask you questions to see how much you know about the process (indicating that they value educating you).
  8. They’re personable and friendly (you’ll be in a relationship with this person for weeks to come, so this goes a long way).
  9. They’re patient with your questions and take the time to make sure you understand whatever it is you are discussing.
  10. They may try to open you up to areas/options outside of your original plans in an effort to open your eyes to other possibilities (this goes back to making sure you know all your options).

If you find these traits in a Realtor you’ve been speaking with; then you’ve probably found your future buyer’s agent that will take excellent care of your needs and represent you well. And by doing so, you’re giving yourself an immediate advantage over most other home buyers in the market.

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