June 2014

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We're dog people!

Our dogs are like people to us and we love how many places in Charlotte welcome them with open arms. This really is one of the most dog-friendly cities we know of! Whether your pooch likes romping at a dog park or prefers solitude to sniffing other pets there are plenty of places in town they'll love.

Some of the Hendrix Properties dogs...

Hendrix DogsHendrix DogsRamsey Creek Park

Here are some of our favorite Charlotte locations for fun with Fido.

Frazier Park

With sides for both small dogs and large dogs, Frazier park is probably the best-known off-leash dog park in Charlotte. They even provide water for your pooch! Parking is ample and if you go on the weekends there will be plenty of other dogs for yours to play with on the 1.3 acres.

Ramsey Creek Park

Ramsey Creek Park

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