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How cool is our city?

Charlotte's got culture, great restaurants, nature, and some of the friendliest people on the planet. And there's always something new to explore! We've lived here for decades but we're constantly learning new things about The Queen City. Here are 18 fun, unusual facts about Charlotte you probably didn't know...

1. James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States, was born just outside of Pineville and the cabin he grew up in still stands today. He was (at the time) the youngest President ever elected as was responsible for the American territorial expansion to the Pacific coast.

2. Did you know that the proper name for the intersection of Trade and Tryon is "Independence Square?" 

Trade and Tryon

3. Over 270 of the Fortune 500

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Imagine this:

You're a home buyer.  You've found the home you want to move into, are under contract to buy this home, and at the final walk through or even after closing, you discover that those cool surround sound speakers in your (new) living room are missing!  Instead of the speakers you dreamed would make for some epic movie nights, you see this instead:

Wait!  What?!

Your first instinct is probably that you've been wronged and that the sellers should have left the speakers because they were considered "built-in," right?  Well, not exactly.  This is certainly a gray area for many buyers because common sense tells us that speakers hanging from the wall are built-in fixtures.  But, are they?  Are they built-in according to the eyes of the law?

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Why community gardens?

Well, in a town the size of Charlotte's there are plenty of reasons people are getting behind the community garden movement. There is, of course, the philanthropic slant to so many gardens that donate their produce to churches and food banks. There are gardens designed specifically to help educate the community (namely children) on the benefits of growing things, and gardens that exist for neighbors in the area who can't have their own due to space limitations, improper sunlight, or even HOA restrictions.

community garden

But above all else, community gardens are about community. Who would've thought?

By working together (or in some cases, side-by-side) within these gardening outposts, neighbors say they've made meaningful connections

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What's an HOA?

HOA stands for Home Owners Association and essentially, an HOA is a legal entity formed by the builder/developer of a residential neighborhood or complex. The purpose of an HOA usually includes several duties such as maintaining common areas, raising money for development repairs, and generally creating and enforcing rules which must be followed by everyone who lives within the community.

HOA meeting

Pretty simple, right?

HOAs are, at their core, designed to be good for a development. They're not meant to make a profit or to keep people from living the way they want, but they're also there to protect the investment and lifestyle of the other members of your community. Keep that in mind.

Whether you're buying a brand new condo, a

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