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Are you even sure what an "Active Adult Community" is?

Well, it's not a nursing home and it's not assisted living. In fact, these communities are designed to keep adults heading into their golden years spry, social, and independent for longer. They're a pretty great idea and they're catching on all over the U.S. - even here in Charlotte. About 85% of all active adult communities are located near or in a major metropolitan area.

There are two kinds of Active Adult Communities. Age restricted communities usually stipulate that 80% of residents must be 55 years old or older, and there are also other conditions concerning kids, grandchildren, etc. Age-targeted communities have less rules and regulations and are simply marketed to the 55+ crowd. Most

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Is there a more asked real estate question than this one?  Most consumers and Realtors alike have always been under the impression that selling during the spring and summer are better than late fall and winter but how many have really studied the numbers as opposed to simply passing on that standard answer?  Well, I did and wish I had done it sooner.

Crunching the Numbers on Seasonal Selling

I had a Charlotte client (a future seller) ask me recently if it’s better to go ahead and put his home on the market now or wait until spring.  My initial response was that there are always buyers out there, by listing it now there will be less competition, and that no matter when we list it, we’ll get him top dollar and sell it faster.  But, that started

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You probably have an idea in your mind about what your home is worth.

We hate to break it to you, but you're probably being overly optimistic. We get it: Your house means a lot to you! It's where you spent holidays, put in hours of sweat equity, and the neighborhood's definitely improved while you've lived there. Unfortunately people almost always have an inflated idea about what all these factors translate to from a dollar perspective and the truth is that your home is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. They call it "what the market will bear."

House for Sale

Problem is, not all Realtors will help you set a realistic price for your home. It's a tough conversation to have! But if a Realtor tells you you're overpricing your property don't have a

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