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Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it?

Before I even get into this, I want to clarify and stress that there is NO standard or set commission structure.  Real estate commissions are negotiable, not set by any government or organization, not agreed upon by local boards, etc.  Every company has their own policies and can charge whatever they choose to charge.  And even within certain companies, agents may also even have flexibility to charge what they want as well.  In addition, the structure of payment may differ from one region to the next.  There is absolutely NO price setting in real estate.

In this article, I’ll be discussing how listing agents and buyers agents typically get paid as is fairly customary in the Charlotte, NC region and I’m

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People in the Northeast have had their homes winterized for weeks now but thankfully us southerners didn't have to worry about winterizing...yet. The mercury's dropping, though, so now's the time to do a few things around the house to get it ready for the months to come. 

The good news is it's inexpensive to winterize and you'll probably end up saving yourself a lot of money in energy costs and repairs down the road. You probably can accomplish most of these easy tasks yourself without the help of professionals. If your home's on the market you may want to skip the steps that may be more visible to people touring your home, but it's a personal call. And don't forget vacant homes require a totally different set of steps.

Here are some tips from

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Y'all, who doesn't love this time of year?

Uptown's glittering with twinkly lights, decorations are popping up from Myers Park to Gastonia, and those Starbucks Christmas cups are as ubiquitous as tree bands. If you ask us there's no better place to be in North Carolina at Christmastime than in Charlotte!

The Queen City puts on quite a few holiday events throughout December, some of which have been running for years. Some are new for 2014, though, and we can't wait to compare them to our old favorites. Here are our two cents on Charlotte's best Christmas activities.

The Singing Christmas Tree

Put on by CarolinaVoices for the 60th year in a row, The Singing Christmas Tree is our favorite way to enjoy holiday music in town. Over 80 choir

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