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Plaza Midwood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Charlotte.

Today it boasts a thriving cultural scene, amazing restaurants, and some of the funkiest bars and galleries in town. To say that Plaza Midwood is a Charlotte institution is an understatement.

On top of all its cool urban features, PM is a great place to live. The ‘hood has hundreds of beautifully-preserved historical homes as well as new construction and many of its largest streets are walkable to restaurants and retail. Think you know Midwood? Here are 9 things you probably didn’t know about one of Charlotte’s most popular areas.

1. Plaza Midwood was originally designed as a “streetcar suburb.” Charlotte’s streetcar is coming back with a vengeance but PM’s been on the streetcar

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Can you name this view?

Okay guys, it's been a rough weather week but remember last year? We took this pic somewhere in Charlotte during the Snowpocalypse of 2014...can you tell where it is? Leave your guess in the comments!


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Today kicks off the first article in a series of four we’re launching to help you buy a home in Charlotte.


The home buying process can be confusing…and it shouldn’t be! At Hendrix Properties we’re big believers in making things as simple as possible: Real estate relationships should be built on trust, and it all starts with choosing a qualified buyer’s agent.

Here in Charlotte, buyer’s agents are actually known as “brokers.” Licensed brokers can help you both buy and sell a home. If you’re looking to kick off a home search here in the Queen City we’d like to help. To kick it all off, we’ll tell you five things to look for when choosing a buyer’s agent.

1. Look for an agent that works pretty exclusively with buyers…but has other

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Think paying off your mortgage early is impossible?

Think again! It's easier than you think to make a sizeable dent in your mortgage a week, month, and year at a time. And paying off your mortgage early doesn't just give you peace of mind, it can actually save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Aside from the totally useless advice of, "Just pay more," what can you do to actually pay down your mortgage sooner? It's simpler than you think. There are strategies you can put in play today that will have you chipping away at the biggest debt you'll ever take on and you'll probably never even miss the money you're putting in. But it all starts with making smart decisions before you ever even take out a mortgage.

First, be

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