April 2015

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Think you know all there is to know about one of Charlotte’s fastest-growing suburbs? Think again! Mooresville’s population may be exploding, up nearly 75% in just the last decade, but the city’s got a rich history.


Here are a few fun facts about Mooresville you can use to impress your friends!

1. Mooresville’s unofficial “First Family” is, of course, the Moores. The city was actually called “Moore’s Siding” until March 1873 when it was incorporated, much of its land having been donated by the greater Moore clan.

2. The city’s most famous historical resident is an odd one. Dr. Selma Burke created a bust of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that later became the inspiration for his likeness on the dime coin. How about that!

3. You

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Y’all, we love to garden!

Everything about spring in Charlotte just makes us happy. The flowers, the farmer’s markets, the fresh grass, and the backyard veggie gardens. We love it all. Just give us a few bags of dirt and a watering can and we’re set!

We get asked all the time by our friends what to plant when and what’s currently going on in our gardens. So with that in mind, here’s a super quick April gardening checklist for your Charlotte yard. And chime in with your suggestions in the comments, too! We can always learn something!


Since the threat of frost has passed in mid-April you’re good to go ahead and plant some warm weather veggies as long as you keep an eye on them if it gets too chilly. Here are a few to plant in the

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