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When selling your home in today’s market, you’ve got options. With over two million actively licensed agents in the U.S. alone, no one’s short for options when it comes to choosing a broker. Before you start interviewing agents based on their experience and personality, though, it’s important to know the different business models seller’s agents work under. There are a few we see time and again, some growing exponentially in popularity in a hot seller’s market as seller’s become more confident that their house will “sell itself.”

There are two main categories when it comes to seller’s (and buyer’s) agents.

Full Service Real Estate Agents are what you traditionally think of when you think of an agent. They do all the heavy lifting and are

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Like us, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Davidson lately.

In fact, just recently we told you about how the average home price in Davidson is up 32% over 2004 – a huge jump by any standard. But why is there so much buzz in CLT about this little community to the north?

Let’s take a look at a few of the things setting Davidson, NC apart.

North Carolina’s Newest Restaurant Scene?
Davidson seems to be the epicenter of Charlotte’s extended food scene. You can’t open a magazine without reading a feature about Kindred, one of Bon Appetit’s “Best New Restaurants of 2015.” Renowned chef Sara Hord is opening not one but two cool new spots here, and the Charlotte Observer has taken to calling downtown Davidson’s Main Street “Restaurant Row.” All

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Would you be surprised if we told you high-end multi-family housing was a booming industry in Charlotte?

Let’s break it down.

“Multi-family” is a big term that encompasses a lot of different types of housing. Huge apartment complexes are multi-family. Townhomes are multi-family. Even duplexes are multi-family. And “luxury” is a subjective term, of course, and means different things in different markets. Luxury single family homes in Charlotte are generally defined as those above about $900,000, but for multi-family living things are a little different. Anything over about $500,000 for multi-family ownership in Charlotte’s market is strong enough to be called luxury, if you ask us. Of course, that depends on the size and location and finishes,

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If you're considering buying or selling a home in the Charlotte metro area, it's important to make sure you are educated on the market area you are interested in. We have compiled an infographic breaking down some of the stats that we feel are key to understanding as you begin the home sale or home search process. It's also key to look at the big picture and understand that the market is constantly changing, which is why we compare the statistics year over year, this helps show trends as well as major changes in the real estate market. 

While some are saying that the June statistics show a housing "slump" CRRA President Maren Brisson-Kuester says, "With the prolonged low inventory the region has faced, some cooling in sales was to be

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Millennials are, without a doubt, the next big thing to happen to the housing market. Though they make up only 14% of the U.S. population, millennials account for nearly a third of the potential homebuyers out there. For Charlotte, their impact is magnified.

National news sources and real estate organizations alike are calling Charlotte one of the hottest real estate markets in the country for millennials. That’s good news for sellers, who’re happy to have additional buyers in the pool, and for developers – if they’d ever start building more homes in Charlotte for entry-level buyers.

What, exactly, is a millennial home buyer in Charlotte looking for in what will likely be their first house?


Obviously, millennial

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