August 2016

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There’s a pervasive myth out there that buyer’s agents aren’t really necessary. Afterall, can’t you find your next home on Zillow, use LegalZoom to print off all the documents you need, then let your closing attorney take it from there?

We see all too many buyers coming to us after-the-fact, mid-transaction, or for their next home purchase in the wake of a disastrous buy, hoping to recoup some of the financial and psychological losses incurred through a bad experience without an agent. Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are six reasons people might tell you there’s no need to work with a buyer’s agent – and exactly what you should ignore them all.


1.You can easily find your dream home by searching online.
Let’s start with the big

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Making the decision to list your home is only the beginning. Once you’re ready, you’ll want to involve a qualified Realtor, study the data, and properly market your home. The good news is, the right Realtor will do most of the heavy lifting!

Ready to put your home on the market? Here’s what to expect next.



Most people find a great Realtor through referrals from friends or neighbors. Don’t just call the first agent you think of, though...take some time to look at each Realtor’s website, their marketing strategy, and more, then ask for a meeting in person. The initial meeting doesn’t have to be lengthy but you’ll want to give the broker a chance to see your home, learn a little about your motivations and goals, and give you some rough

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