December 2016

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Do you know the difference between a townhouse and a condo?

The former conjures up images of rows of two-story brick apartment complexes...we've got a lot of them here in Charlotte! The latter could refer to anything from a glass box on top of an Uptown skyscraper to a hip Southend loft, right? 

Well, kinda.

The real difference in a townhome and a condo is all about semantics. 

Townhomes are actually defined by their architectural styles. Townhomes can actually either be owned or rented. Generally, a townhome is sort of like a condensed single family home. More often than not, townhomes are multiple stories, and usually the living area is on one story while the bedrooms are on the other(s). Townhomes may or may not have an attached yard space

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If you live in Charlotte, you enjoy some of the lowest property taxes of any major city in the country. 

That's great news! The property tax rates in Charlotte probably won't stay this low forever, but homeowners here have enjoyed historically affordable property taxes relative to other parts of the country, and even in North Carolina as a whole. Here's what you need to know.

Property taxes in the Charlotte area are "locally-assessed" which means they're collected by the county you live in. This holds true for all neighboring counties: Mecklenburg, Cabbarus, Iredell, Gaston, etc. If you live in Charlotte proper, you will pay both Charlotte-Mecklenburg county taxes and Charlotte city taxes as part of your overall tax bill each year. Property

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