January 2017

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Just outside of the thriving metropolis of Charlotte, "main street" still exists. Many of Charlotte's best suburbs are actually best-kept secrets, offering a glimpse of simpler days and southern charm. We love strolling the wide sidewalks of our favorite downtown havens, ice cream in hand, smiling at passersby and soaking one of the best parts of living in Charlotte.

Want to live in an area that still has that "Main Street" vibe? These five towns near Charlotte offer the best of both worlds.

1. Davidson, NC

We've written before about why Davidson is one of the fastest-growing areas in the Charlotte metro. Downtown Davidson is literally the picture-perfect version of southern Main Street, lined with antique stores, clothing shops, and even a

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It's one of the terms du jour in real estate right now:
Mixed-Use Development.

You have have seen it abbreviated as "MUD" and you've almost certainly seen it mentioned in the news or in your local neighborhood meeting. But what does it mean, and why do there seem to be so many popping up in Charlotte?

Birkdale Village, one of the most popular Mixed-Use Developments in the Charlotte area

In short, a Mixed-Use Development is a feature of urban development that blends commercial, residential, social, and sometimes industrial uses into one congruent area. They're generally defined as being more pedestrian-friendly than other car heavy parts of town, and the most common iteration you see nowadays is a large commercial shopping promenade topped with

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