March 2017

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Selling a home for the first time?

Selling a home can feel overwhelming. There are many factors that lead to the decision to sell. We understand the complexities of the process. We endeavor to make the process smooth and get you the best price. We've developed a list of tips for selling a home in Charlotte. If you're a first-time home seller, here are four things we want you to know.

Tip #1: Hire a Real Estate agent. A good one.

First-time home sellers are more likely than repeat sellers to try to sell their home without the help of an agent. What do repeat sellers know that first-timers don't? That using a seller's agent isn't a waste of money! They understand - sometimes from learning it the hard way - that experienced real estate agents

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2017 looks to be taking a new approach to housing this year. Year-over-year new listings were up 14.8% for February, however inventory levels are still low, down 21.4% compared to the same time last year, when we began to notice these historically low levels. "2017 is off to a good start with the momentum we experienced at year-end continuing into January, with sales up 15% and buyer demand up 21%," the association's president, Roger Parham, said, according to a story in the Charlotte Business Journal this morning. He also noted that buyers might continue to experience some of the similar pains as last year, as we continue to see low levels of homes on the market, however, many experts say that builder confidence is up, so we may see an uptick in new

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Baby Boomers make up the second-largest contingent of new home buyers.

This group - over 76 million strong - are buying homes in droves. Some are downsizing, some are finally buying the house of their dreams, and some simply want a change. Based on both experience and statistics, what are baby boomers looking for when they're on the market for a new home?

Universal Design

You may or may not have heard the term "Universal Design" in reference to home design. Universal designs is a layout and floor plan that is usable by everyone, regardless of age, size, disability, or mobility. Forward-thinking Boomers are smart to look for this kind of design in a new home to transition them through the aging process. The tenants of Universal Design in

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know by now that we're in a "Seller's Market" here in Charlotte.

What does that mean? Well, of course, it means different things depending on whether you're a seller or a buyer. As a buyer, you probably recognize the seller's market by a lack of inventory, a proliferation of bidding wars, and higher prices than you thought you'd find. But as a seller? Don't go thinking you've got the Golden Goose! We've seen all too many seller's markets actually backfire on well-meaning sellers. Here's how.

Sellers Tend to Overprice

The most common way sellers unintentionally hamstring themselves in this kind of market is by overpricing their home. They hear the stories of "8 offers the first day on the

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