May 2017

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A no nonsense review of due diligence and earnest money in the NC Offer to Purchase and Contract

In 2011, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission introduced a revised Offer to Purchase and Contract (always seeking to protect consumers) and with that, a new term called "due diligence."  Well, change doesn't come easy, and this new concept and contract came with its own challenges for many NC Realtors either.  However, once you understand it, it's pretty cool and is definitely designed to protect both real estate buyers and sellers.



Prior to 2011, "earnest money" was the only money that was paid up front.  

Earnest money was put in place primarily to show "earnestness" from the buyer and as a way to compensate the seller for

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Buying a house is complicated enough. The mortgage process only makes things harder.

We help dozens of clients navigate the complexities of buying a home in Charlotte on an annual basis; mortgages are usually the most treacherous part. The mortgage process is most likely to hold up - and even sink - an eventual sale.

Are you buying your first home in Charlotte? Or maybe you're back on the market again? Here's a quick primer on the steps behind getting a mortgage in Charlotte, from pre-approval to closing fees.

Choosing a Lender

Let's start with some facts: Charlotte's real estate market is white-hot which means you've got more competition from other homebuyers than you've had in years. For that reason, most sellers prefer to see a

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Are you researching high schools in Charlotte?

Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are some of the best in the state, but like any huge school district, the quality varies from school-to-school. There are dozens of variables that factor into how "good" a school is at the end of the day, and of course, that superlative is totally subjective. Please note that Hendrix Properties is making no claims about what we think is best or most - we just want to pass all the relevant information along to you that our clients have found helpful in the past.

What makes a high school "good?" Attributes like class size, facilities, faculty experience, and AP classes offered are all part of the puzzle, but they're just a part. These are the six "best high schools in

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