4 Tips for Having a Great Relationship With Your Buyer's Agent

How to have a great relationship with your Buyers Agent

4 helpful tips for having a great relationship with your buyer’s agent

It's one thing to find a buyer's agent to show you homes, help you fill out paperwork, and walk you through the steps of the home-buying process but when you find one that you truly have a great experience with, it takes your home-buying journey to a different level. Here are 4 good tips for having a great relationship with your Buyer's Agent. 

How You Communicate Matters

Let your buyer's agent know early on what type of communication style is best or easiest for you such as text messaging, phone calls, or emails. Also, ask your agent the same thing so that expectations are set and you’re on the same page.

Show faith

Your agent obviously knows the home buying process from beginning to end and how to get you to the closing table but if you’re more of the type A personality, let them know that you’d prefer to have more of a timeline of what to expect upfront rather than having to sit back and constantly wait for next steps. This can give you better clarity while also preventing your agent from feeling as though you’re beating them to the punch with every step. In other words, allow your agent to steer the ship, so to speak, without neglecting your own need to know what’s ahead.

Be curious

Ask questions, be informed, and take the opportunity to learn about the process and steps you’re taking. If they’re a good agent, they’ll be glad that you’re asking questions and are interested, and they’ll be eager to educate you. Personally, I love it when our clients ask lots of questions because it shows that they’re turning to me and trusting me for the answers. Also, educated clients are more prepared and better equipped to handle unexpected things that may happen during the home-buying process.

Enjoy your time together

Never forget that you and your agent are in an important and special relationship now with the same goals (hopefully) of doing what’s best for you and getting you to the closing table. Keep the relationship as professional, friendly, and light-hearted as you can, and never forget that you’re on the same side.


If you’re fortunate enough to find an excellent Realtor to represent you in your home purchase (they’re not all wired the same, trust me), you’ll realize how invaluable they can be. Far beyond just opening doors for you, your Realtor can be the big difference maker between whether or not you have a great experience or a negative experience and can also heavily influence what happens to or for you from a financial standpoint. So, find yourself a great Realtor and then strive to have a great relationship with them that may last for many years to come.

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