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What do you do when you're actively in the market to buy a home, come across one that you absolutely love, make an offer, and find out that you’re in the middle of a bidding war? Or maybe several people made offers, and now you’re scrambling to even have a place at the table? Bidding wars are not uncommon in the Charlotte real estate market which is currently considered to be a seller's market). In a cases like these, sellers may simply accept the offer that looks most attractive to them or they may come back to all parties and say, "We are currently in a multiple offer situation. Please submit your highest and best offer no later than X-0'clock tomorrow."

Any buyer who’s found themselves in this situation and lost out on a great property knows the

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I often sit back and try to imagine what it would be like if I were just a homeowner without the knowledge that I have as a Realtor and wanted to sell my own home. What would I do? Who would I call? Where would I price it? Where would I even begin? Technology is constantly changing the real estate market, making it more and more overwhelming every day.  I want to take the mystery and confusion out of selling your home and put everything in simpler terms. As I sat down to write this guide I thought of 13 things I really wanted you to know, because they’re what I’d want to know if I were about to sell my house. You’d be surprised how many agents either wouldn’t want to tell you or wouldn’t know to tell you several of these items, but I believe an

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Well, well, well…those cats just kept on pounding and here we are at Superbowl 50! We couldn’t be prouder of our hometown team, the Carolina Panthers, and no one can argue we’ve got a roster full of characters!

You probably won’t be surprised that many of the Panthers greats have BIG homes to go with those BIG personalities. From Supercam to the Tub of Goo, let’s take a look at where many of your favorite Panthers players (probably) live…

Cam Newton's Condo - Photo WCNC

Cam Newton Lives the High Life on Tryon
In 2012, Cam dropped a cool $1.6 million on a three bed, three-and-a-half bath condo in The Trust building in Uptown. You probably know the eight-unit building best as the home to Brazillian steakhouse Chima, or maybe because Michael Jordan also has a place there. Click

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We love Weddington!

This sleepy little hamlet southeast of metro Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing towns in the area, and for good reason. People love what this region offers: Plenty of space, great schools, and home prices that haven’t skyrocketed as fast as Charlotte’s over the last few years.

Thinking of looking at homes for sale in Weddington, or just want to know a little more about this corner of CLT? We’ve got you covered! Here are six things to know about one of the coolest unknown spots in the region.

1. Weddington is the third wealthiest town in North Carolina.
Well how about that? According to the 2010 census, the average household income in Weddington was over $132,000 and the average family income was over $139,000. That

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It's a word that can strike fear into the hearts of buyers and sellers everywhere, and quickly sabotage a property sale. But what does it mean?

In real estate, an encroachment is defined as when, "A structure from one property extends over the property line of another." Seems pretty simple, right? Well, encroachments can be real deal breakers even if they don't adversely affect anyone's quality of life. There's actually a statute of limitations on how long someone has to claim an encroachment on their property and what the consequences are if they're proven correct.

So, how do encroachment's happen? Usually as a result of an improperly-performed survey or incorrectly drawn property lines. They can also be caused by unpermitted or

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Think you know all there is to know about one of Charlotte’s fastest-growing suburbs? Think again! Mooresville’s population may be exploding, up nearly 75% in just the last decade, but the city’s got a rich history.


Here are a few fun facts about Mooresville you can use to impress your friends!

1. Mooresville’s unofficial “First Family” is, of course, the Moores. The city was actually called “Moore’s Siding” until March 1873 when it was incorporated, much of its land having been donated by the greater Moore clan.

2. The city’s most famous historical resident is an odd one. Dr. Selma Burke created a bust of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that later became the inspiration for his likeness on the dime coin. How about that!

3. You

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Davidson was founded way back in the 1800s with the establishment of Davidson College. In fact, for the town’s first few decades it was known simply as, “Davidson College.” Once it took on a life of its own, Davidson hasn’t looked back. From a history as an educational hub, a cotton town, and today a thriving family community, Davidson has made a niche for itself some 22 miles from Charlotte.

Think you know everything there is to know about Davidson, North Carolina? Here are eight nuggets of wisdom you can use at your next cocktail party.

1. Davidson College isn’t just a quaint liberal arts school, it’s actually a world-renowned academic institution. Founded by the Presbyterian Church, Davidson College is consistently ranked among the top 10

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I've spent a lot of time lately playing around with my latest website, trying to “optimize” it, make it more visually appealing... all that kind of stuff. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a little on the restless side and never really satisfied or settled when it comes to making Hendrix Properties better. You might say I have a lot of drive, call me a semi-perfectionist, or just tell me that I need to relax! But fact is, every time I think something is just right, something in me tells me that it can be made even better.

So, I thought it would be really cool to go back and check out the cached (historical) versions of our many Hendrix Properties sites over the years. For the most part, I think you’ll see constant improvement and in some

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Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it?

Before I even get into this, I want to clarify and stress that there is NO standard or set commission structure.  Real estate commissions are negotiable, not set by any government or organization, not agreed upon by local boards, etc.  Every company has their own policies and can charge whatever they choose to charge.  And even within certain companies, agents may also even have flexibility to charge what they want as well.  In addition, the structure of payment may differ from one region to the next.  There is absolutely NO price setting in real estate.

In this article, I’ll be discussing how listing agents and buyers agents typically get paid as is fairly customary in the Charlotte, NC region and I’m

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Is there a more asked real estate question than this one?  Most consumers and Realtors alike have always been under the impression that selling during the spring and summer are better than late fall and winter but how many have really studied the numbers as opposed to simply passing on that standard answer?  Well, I did and wish I had done it sooner.

Crunching the Numbers on Seasonal Selling

I had a Charlotte client (a future seller) ask me recently if it’s better to go ahead and put his home on the market now or wait until spring.  My initial response was that there are always buyers out there, by listing it now there will be less competition, and that no matter when we list it, we’ll get him top dollar and sell it faster.  But, that started

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