Are Buyer's Agents Worth It?

Are Buyers Agents Worth it?

Are buyer’s agents worth it?

If you’re buying a home and are wondering if it’s worth it to have a buyer’s agent representing you through the process, the answer is a resounding YES!!

First of all, buyer’s agents have an understanding of contract law, understand the procedures and practices for submitting offers on homes, have the ability to gain access to and show you available homes, and are legally and ethically bound to protect your best interests. They understand the home-buying process from beginning to end and much more. Additionally, in almost all cases, they are compensated by the listing firm, not you. 

So, are buyer’s agents worth it? Absolutely, and the quicker you can find one and establish a relationship with one, the better off you’ll be. There aren’t many situations in life that are 'no-lose but everything to gain' and this is one of them. 

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