How Soon Should I Start My Home Search?

How Soon Should I Start My Home Search?

How Soon Should I Start My Home Search?

If you’re starting the home buying process and wondering how far ahead of time you should start searching for a home prior to your actual move, the simple answer is that it’s never too early to start the overall process beginning with the important step of connecting with a knowledgeable Realtor for a friendly conversation/consultation. 

The typical conversation with me usually starts out with getting to know you and finding out more about you, your timeline, your housing needs, what’s bringing you here, and so forth. We’ll then often proceed to discuss which areas or suburbs around Charlotte might be a good fit, the pros, and cons of each, what the area offers as a whole, etc.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain some knowledge of the area without feeling any sort of pressure to commit to a Realtor, to a move, or anything else. It’s a free discussion meant to inform you and nothing else. From there, I’ll typically offer to set you up on an automated home search based on your needs and my knowledge of the area so you can get a feel for what the market offers. We can even limit the search frequency to weekly, twice/month, etc, based on how far out your move is.

Now, if you’ve made the decision to move and have all your ducks in a row and just need to find the right home, then I would suggest that you start somewhere between 4-10 weeks prior to your desired move-in date. It often takes ‘about’ 4 weeks to close (to allow for inspections, appraisal, and so forth) and the typical homeowners will usually be willing to agree to a closing date as far out as 8 weeks, give or take. This timing also depends on the current market conditions. 

So if you’re wondering how soon you should start searching for a home the answer is it’s never too early and being proactive can only help you. I would suggest that you go ahead and reach out as soon as the idea strikes you, say hello, and tell us about what you’re considering doing and let’s have a nice conversation.

If you’re considering a move, please use this form and tell us a little about yourself and we’ll get back to you quickly. We’d love to help!

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