Ready to Sell Your Charlotte Home? Consider These Upgrades

Posted by Chad Hendrix on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 10:34am.


Even though it’s considered a seller’s market right now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make some upgrades before listing. If you want to sell your Charlotte home for top dollar, every little thing you do could yield a better selling price.

We recommend you always consult with a real estate agent before doing any work, as they can provide insight into what buyers want. Based on our years of experience, we do have six ideas that you can probably do yourself!

Scrape popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings immediately date a property. They often look dingy and cobwebs are harder to control versus a flat ceiling. Scraping ceilings is a relatively low cost option for updating and increasing your home’s value. According to Home Advisor, the cost is between $1 and $2 per square foot.

Can you do it yourself?  Yes, but consider these things:

  •  How old is the popcorn ceiling? Age may mean there is asbestos which requires professional help.
  •  How often has the ceiling been painted? The more layers the paint, the harder the job.
  •  How high are your ceilings? Very high ceilings will require tall ladders.
  •  How much area do I need to cover? The more the square footage you have the more work.

We talked to a local homeowner about the process. He considers himself an above average DIYer. His recommendations include buying an industrial sprayer (you must we the ceiling to scrape), using an 8” or 10” scraper (any larger and it’s hard to control) and adding some fabric softener to the water.

He said, “Try to knock off as much as you can dry. Then add water. Let it absorb for at least five minutes before you start scraping.” He added, “Be sure to put plastic up on the walls to protect them from the spray.”

For more tips, read this article from Family Handyman.

Replace interior doors

This is a very easy project for most any homeowner. It’s often overlooked, but interior doors do matter. They can be upgraded from a simple flush door to something with some paneling.

A better interior door also helps with acoustics. If it has a better core, noise will travel less, which can be a great benefit for bathrooms. You can purchase some great looking interior doors from your local hardware store. Most are primed and ready to paint, but prefinished options are available.

There are many options and configurations for interior doors. Upgrading these can give your home some added style. And don’t forget about adding nice hardware.

Check out this Houzz article that provides an overview of styles and design ideas.

Upgrade light switch and electrical outlet plates

This is so easy. All you need is a screwdriver! Consider this; there are lots of these plates in every property. The majority of properties will just have the standard white plastic plates. By upgrading these plates, you immediately have a nicer looking property. Instead of those ugly plastic plates, use a brushed nickel or hand brushed bronze depending on your color palette. The average cost for new covers ranges from $3 to $5.

If you want to get creative, Homedit has some cool ideas.

Add crown molding

Crown molding immediately gives a room depth and definition. It helps join walls and ceiling and can actually cover up any blemishes.

You can use crown molding in any room. But make sure the size makes sense. Bathrooms will typically use smaller molding than a family room.

You can purchase a variety of molding styles from your local hardware store. They can even cut it to size for you. Don’t get too elaborate. Keep it simple. Molding around windows can add a nice touch as well.

Update cabinet hardware

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, you can give them a fresh new look with new hardware. It’s very easy to do. All you need again is a screwdriver. Remember to update the hinges as well so that everything has the same finish.

Keep it simple and complementary to your current design. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Cabinet hardware can cost as little as $3 per knob or handle; a little less for the hinges. When choosing a finish, consider the finish used on door handles and light switch and electrical plates so that it’s all consistent.

HGTV has some great ideas for this project.

Use paint to lighten rooms


You may love those navy blue walls, but it may not be a buyer’s pick. It also makes the room look smaller. In any small rooms, always go light. Keep cabinets light, too. A kitchen looks so much bigger with white cabinets. Stay neutral in your palette; however, that doesn’t mean beige. Gray is the new favorite neutral. Using light shades of gray create modern rooms that look bigger.

These are just a few DIY friendly projects to consider before you sell your Charlotte home. If you have a small budget for upgrades, these ideas may get you the most bang for your buck. If you have any questions about updating before you list, contact us. We’re glad to help!

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