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It should come as no surprise that photographs are a critical part of real estate marketing.

Now that every home on the market is accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse it's more important than ever to show a house in its best light - first impressions are everything in real estate.

Smart, focused real estate brokers understand the importance of using a professional photographer to hilight a home's best assets and minimize its flaws and there are lots of statistics to back up the value that comes from marketing a home using professional photos. Here are just a few of the ones we think are the most eye-opening:

  • Studies show that online listing with professional photographs get up to 139% more click-throughs than similar homes using
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I was recently thinking to myself, knowing what I know about real estate and selling homes, what would I look for if I were going to choose a Realtor to sell my own home.

There are articles and videos all over the Internet on this subject but when I look through them, they typically sound old school to me, sometimes impractical, and in some cases they suggest asking questions that are likely more geared towards that particular agent’s strengths.  Whether I was eventually going to interview one agent or 3 or more, here is my practical guide for hiring a Realtor to sell your home.  This is how I, Chad Hendrix, would do it:

  1. I’d find out whatever I could about that Realtor prior to them ever showing up at my home.  How nice is their company and
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Quite often, I have people contact me who are looking to relocate to the Charlotte area.  With many of them, one of their main criteria is "I don't want to live in a neighborhood with a home owner's association!".  Except in cases where I already know that they have a huge RV to park, have a couple of horses, multiple dogs, weld out of their back yard and need that shop, etc, I always wonder if they're simply misinformed.  Who wouldn't like a homeowner's association?  Not only do they help to protect your quality of living (in your own home) but they also help to protect the value of your home.

If you were trying to sell your home, how do you think a prospective buyer would feel if they rode up and noticed that your immediate neighbor had 6 cars in

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Here are some moving tips for making the move easier.

  1. Give your forwarding address to the post office, usually 2-4 weeks ahead of the move.
  2. Notify our charge cards, magazine subscriptions, and bank of the change of address.
  3. Develop a list of friends, relatives, and business colleagues who need to be notified of the move.
  4. Arrange to have utilities disconnected at your old home and connected at your new one.
  5. Cancel the newspaper.
  6. Check insurance coverage for moved items. Usually movers only cover what they pack.
  7. Clean out appliances and prepare them for moving, if applicable.
  8. Note the weight of the goods you'll have moved, since long-distance moves are usually billed according to weight. Watch for movers that use excessive padding
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Listing your home? A different way to look at home preparation and pricing...

If you're looking to sell your home then there must be a very good reason for your doing so. Whether it be needing more space, financial problems, being transferred to another city, whatever, I take your needs very seriously. Because of that, I can't stress enough how important correct pricing and staging are.

Whether you've sold a home in the past or are thinking about selling your home in the future, I suggest that we look at it, not from a seller's (you) perspective but from a buyer's.

Let's say that you are in the market to buy a used know that you want a midsized family car (specifically a Honda Accord), used but not old, open to colors, etc. You hop

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