The 2 Most Commonly Asked Questions from Realtors to Buyers

Two Questions Realtors Will Ask You

The 2 questions that Realtors will almost always ask you and why they ask.

If you’ve ever spoken with a Realtor when inquiring about a home for sale or heard back from them via email or text after filling out an online form, then you may have noticed that they’ll often ask you a couple of very important questions:

Now you may have been thinking to yourself, “I just want to go see a home. Why is this person asking me all these questions?”. Well, you should know that it’s not to dig too deeply into your privacy or pressure you in any way. Most real estate agents are more than happy to help you but they also have to protect their own safety, protect their time, and make sure they’re adhering to their profession’s code of ethics.

Have you been pre-qualified?

When a Realtor asks you if you’ve been pre-qualified, it is to find out if you have spoken with a mortgage lender to see if you can qualify for a mortgage. The seller (and their agent) of any property you wish to make an Offer to Purchase on will expect a pre-qualification letter before they’ll consider your offer. Also, getting pre-qualified protects you and the agent you're dealing with from spending time and emotion viewing homes you can’t even qualify to purchase. A good agent will always ask you about this very important detail. 

Are you working with an agent?

Realtors will also commonly ask you if you are working with another Realtor/real estate agent. They do this for a couple of different reasons. Number one, they don’t want to interfere with any working relationship you may have with another Realtor because this would be considered unethical, outside of simply answering a few questions for you or something of that nature. Number two, they rightfully want to protect their own time. Showing homes to another Realtor’s client would only take time away from their own schedule and clients without benefitting them in any way. If you ARE already working with a Realtor, it’s always best to direct all communication through your agent or at least let any other Realtors (or new construction salespeople) you come in contact with know upfront.

So, when communicating with an agent online or in person, don’t be alarmed by these simple must-know questions. Any experienced agent will ask you these questions which are just a good way to gauge how far along you are in the process.

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