What Are The Duties of a Buyers Agent

Duties of a Real Estate Buyer's Agent

What are the duties of a buyer’s agent in North Carolina?

A buyers agent is a real estate agent that has agreed to represent you in your home purchase in an official, contractual capacity. In other words, they have agreed to represent you and you have agreed to be their client. When a real estate company and its designated agent become your “buyer's agent”, they have certain duties to you. According to the state of North Carolina, those duties are as follows.

  • To promote your best interests
  • Be loyal to you
  • Follow your lawful instructions
  • Provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions
  • Use reasonable skill, care, and diligence
  • Account for all monies they handle for you

Those stated duties above encompass quite a bit, but I will also expand in my own words, what I, Chad Hendrix, feel our responsibilities are when representing our buyer-clients and how we carry them out. The duties and responsibilities we tend to focus on are:

  • Making sure the client has a good understanding of the overall homebuying process
  • Educating and guiding the buyer-client on the market and the area so that they can make choices that will benefit them years down the road
  • Always thinking ahead and where they might be five years from now in terms of their investment and quality of living
  • Showing patience and understanding with their emotions and concerns
  • Communicating professionally and kindly with listing agents to create win-win scenarios rather than battles
  • Placing lots of emphasis and attention to detail on the offers to purchase and other paperwork that we prepare, and how we present them to the other party
  • Treating all of our clients the same and with the same importance regardless of price point
  • Understanding the need to be flexible with our schedules, being quick to respond, being available, and being very proactive with the home search itself and appointment scheduling
  • And more…

One of the key takeaways from this article should be that if you want the agent to become more than someone that just lets you in to view some homes (which you absolutely should), then you need to establish a working relationship with them so that you can start the reap the benefits of what a quality Charlotte Real Estate Agent brings to your homebuying experience. If you find a real estate agent that has the experience, the know-how, a history of great reviews, and one that you’ve established some rapport with, then I encourage you to go ahead and establish a working business relationship with them sooner than later.

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