What makes a Good buyer's agent?

Characteristics of a good buyer's agent

What makes a Good buyer’s agent?

If you’re under the impression that real estate buyer’s agents don’t do much more than ‘show homes’, fill out some paperwork, and then collect a check at the closing table, then you’ve never had the pleasure of working with a truly good buyer’s agent. Here are a 6 important characteristics that set a good buyer’s agent apart from the rest.

  1. A good buyer's agent will do a better job helping to find the right home for you because they’ve taken the time to get to know you and understand your desires and needs and motivation. They often understand what you’re looking for and what the market offers even when you do not.
  2. A good buyer’s agent has an understanding of the area as a whole and not just their own target area. They know which areas or zip codes have better appreciation rates and higher values, which areas are growing and have people flocking to, which areas have more shopping and amenities, are served by highly rated schools, etc. This kind of knowledge is what helps to protect your long-term investment.
  3. A good buyer's agent is an experienced negotiator and can increase your chances of winning a multiple-offer situation so that you’re not losing Offer after Offer and becoming increasingly discouraged. They do a better job communicating with the listing agent, understanding how to appeal to the seller of the property, how to construct a well-rounded offer and present it, etc.
  4. Good buyer’s agents know how to foresee and prevent possible issues before they arise, spot things that might come up in inspections so that you’re not blindsided, point out things that could affect the resale potential of your home down the road, and so forth. They’re always thinking ahead.
  5. Good buyer’s agents will be available to you and not make you feel like you’re just a number or someone they're just pushing along through the process. They’ll be attentive to your needs and emotions, understand your concerns or frustrations, and be patient and understanding with you. You’ll always know that they’re on your side.
  6. A good buyer’s agent has solid systems in place to help make sure all aspects of your transaction are managed properly and with care. This can often come from the help of a great transaction coordinator or transaction management software/process, old-fashioned hard work and attention to detail, a proactive approach, and so forth. Good buyer agents are NOT flying by the seat of their pants and being reactive.

All real estate agents have to pass a state test to become licensed real estate agents but that’s about where their similarities end. The level of experience an agent has, their work ethic, their logical thinking abilities, what they’ve learned from failures and successes, and so many other things factor in to form a truly great buyer’s agent. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’ll all do the same job for you. Do your research and choose wisely. 

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